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In a Perfect World You Don’t Have to Diet to Lose Weight

Diet to lose weight

Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a world where the weather was perfect everyday, our bank account always had enough money, and we didn’t have to diet to lose weight?

But wait…did you know that the original meaning for “diet” is closer to a manner of living, habitual nourishment, and food and drink that is consumed on a regular basis rather than what most people think of “diet” in our modern times? Only when we apply the term “diet” to lose weight do the feelings tend to have a different and sometimes more difficult and negative meaning associated with it.

So let’s go back to the more general meaning of a diet.

A diet is the food and drink we normally consume. Consider that eating fresh, whole, non-processed foods is the best source of healthy nutrition for the body. Put the two together and you have the ability to form a habit of eating healthy food. You can diet to lose weight without worrying about counting calories or starving yourself. Your body wants to be healthy and fit. Just provide the type of nutrition it needs and it will be able to balance it out from there.

Sounds too simple, right? Most people believe you need a restrictive diet to lose weight. Not true.

If your body were in balance, with the endocrine system and your hormones working at optimal levels, then you could efficiently use every bit of food you ingest for the right purpose. No unnecessary fat storage. The body will naturally build muscle and burn fat so you won’t have to diet to lose weight. You can be strong, healthy, and happy. Here is just one of the many steps you can take to get back into balance.

Remove the toxins from your food and environment. These toxins add chemicals to your body that throw its natural harmony off balance. Toxins come in various forms including:

  • Chemical additives which try to make processed food taste better
  • Chemicals which add color to make food more visually appealing
  • Preservatives that give processed food a longer shelf life
  • Pesticides and herbicides added to food sources as they grow
  • Chemicals that are leached from the packaging food is place in to deliver it from the field to your kitchen table
  • And more…

How can this be avoided so you don’t have to diet to lose weight?

Going organic is a good place to start. While organic foods are usually a little more expensive, the prices have come down since consumer demand is now higher as people are more aware of the harmful effects of chemicals in our food.

Concentrate first on organic fruits and vegetables that have thinner skins since they absorb plenty of chemicals. Also, whatever you eat in abundance or on a regular basis should be organic. Meat and poultry should be organic and be free of any pumped in hormones that make the animals grow faster than what is natural.

This is just one way to start the process to a healthy, fit lifestyle where you can enjoy a delicious diet to lose weight.

Imagine not only preparing colorful and tasty meals with fresh fruits and vegetables, the best types of meat and poultry, but maintaining a healthy weight with little effort. Sound impossible? Make one small change at a time and make it a habit. Take out a favorite processed snack and replace it with a piece of fruit; replace that daily sugary drink with water flavored with lemon, lime, or cucumber and mint.

The change will be refreshing and your body will love you for it.