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Healthy Weight Loss versus Pecan Pie

Pecan Pie

Most people lie to themselves. They don’t want a healthy way to lose weight. They want to eat foods they love and crave like chocolate, and beer, and deep fried everything…all on the same day and even in the same meal. On any given Sunday, an anemic salad with a light vinaigrette spritz of dressing is going to be defeated by a slice of prime rib complete with garlic mashed potatoes and pecan pie. You know it, I know it, and your palate knows it. So first, quit lying to yourself. Then, learn how to start losing weight the healthy way…with real food.

Stay in the fast lane and discover a healthy way to lose weight

Your weight loss efforts begins at your local grocery store.

People win and lose everyday with a single trip to the store. Often, it’s our food choices that deter us from a truly healthy weight and the kind of active, energized life we crave. So much pre-packaged, easy, fast, processed, chemical and fat-laden choices beckon from strategically placed, eye level shelves.

Luckily, each day we have the ability to make better food choices and embrace a healthy way to lose weight.

It comes through education, practice, and persistence. A good rule of thumb is to do the bulk of your grocery shopping on the outer aisles of the store, the fast lane. Typically, this is where you find the produce (fruits and vegetables), fresh meat and fish, and dairy products. It’s those inner aisles where the processed stuff lies in waiting. Venture there to pick up some whole grains, rice and nuts. Don’t make eye contact with the processed stuff. Don’t feel bad, they have an extremely long shelf life as a result of all those preservatives. They’ll be there for a long time. You can visit them another day…if you want a cheat day.

Thinking right is a healthy way to lose weight

The next greatest hurdle to healthy weight loss is your mind.

If you believe you have to deprive yourself of the very foods you love, you will not lose weight. Maybe for a little while, but not over the long run. The reason? You feel you are being deprived!

Let’s go back to that anemic salad, the staple of many ineffective diets. Why does it have to be anemic? Why does it have to be tasteless and bland? That’s not what we crave, right? Instead, you can make a very filling, delicious salad that not only provides healthy foods and help you lose weight but give your mind and tongue something to celebrate.

For example a tri tip steak salad, complete with avocado, sliced red onions, carrots, tomatoes and bit of bleu or feta cheese adds some muscle to your meal. How about a hearty chili made with ground turkey or the leanest ground beef, black beans, and tons of chunky veggies.

Sounds good enough for any given Sunday.

With a little bit of research, you can find recipes that take your favorite comfort foods and put a healthy spin on them so they will fit into a healthy way to lose weight. You don’t have to feel deprived. You don’t need to be deprived. With the right balance you can have the foods you crave and still achieve and maintain healthy weight loss.