• The Emotional Side to Elder Care Solutions

    It’s not just about finding the right long term care facility for the elderly. It’s about a transition in life. It’s about admitting that you or someone you love is getting older. It’s about mortality. Elder care solutions involve more than just the practical elements of finding the right environment with the right level of ...
  • medical equipment for elderly

    There is a whole different world of care for the elderly. You encounter a host of new and foreign looking equipment hooked up to various body parts. The need for information increases as you try to understand what is happening to the ones you are caring for. Knowledge of late life illnesses, and skill in ...
  • Elder Care Solutions

    It’s very easy to get confused about elder care solutions when it’s time to move the person you love into a different setting. You need something that can provide the level of security and care they need as they age. You also need to make the transition in a way that is easy for the ...
  • Elder Care at Home and ADL

    There may come time when someone you love ages: a spouse, a parent, a sibling, or a friend, and will face the prospect of changing their current living situation. This could be an elder care at home arrangement or a full time nursing facility, or various options in between. As the primary caregiver, or a ...
  • Care for the Elderly: Old Age Ain’t for the Weak of Heart

    If you’ve been around for 7,8,9 or even 10 decades, then chances are you’re one tough cookie! This is probably what makes it so hard when you realize you need a little help, or all the equipment doesn’t work like it used to. Care for the elderly can be tricky. Things can creep up slowly, ...
  • Elderly Care at Home

    If you are a married woman between the ages of 40 and 60, you may be a caregiver for someone you love: parent, spouse, partner, sibling, or friend. You may be providing full time or part time elder care at home. Over half of you work full time or part time in addition to caring ...
  • Elder Care at Home

    Is there an elderly person in your life whom you love and want to provide the best care? In some cases elder care at home is the best option, while in other cases you will need to consider an assisted living, nursing home, or other arrangement. Most elderly people want to maintain as much independent ...
  • Care for the Elderly

    When you care for the elderly, there are several common medical conditions that arise in an aging body. By no means do all older people experience these conditions. Overall health, lifetime choices, genes, and maybe a little luck will determine if an elderly person will experience any of these challenges. As with most things, prevention ...