• look younger without surgery

    Seeking a fountain of youth to look younger is not anything new. While millions of current day boomers are investing in assorted modern day elixirs to cure the “disease” of aging, our ancestors were also interested in seeking eternal youth. While we have the option of surgery to reverse the signs of aging that generations ...
  • How can I Look Younger in 15 Minutes or Less

    How many times has this happened to you? The phone rings, or a text vibrates comes in, and you’re asked to meet up with friends or a long anticipated date…tonight! You look in the mirror and feel like you just can’t be ready. You ask, “How can I look younger by tonight?” While it’s crucial ...
  • 5 Tips to Look Younger Without Surgery

    Vanity isn’t the only reason you want to look younger. Many women simply want their physical appearance to match the age of their vibrant minds. Even though a woman may be a mother, have a successful and prestigious career, or be involved in various community activities, she still wants to look as vibrant as she ...
  • How to Look Younger Instantly

    Imagine you have less than a day to look younger. You may have a sales presentation to give, a reunion with a long lost friend, or a first date where you want to make a great first impression. While you won’t have time for an extreme makeover, you can certainly do a few things to ...
  • How Can I Look Younger with Makeup and Hair Tricks

    While aging gracefully is a noble goal which can be achieved, it doesn’t mean that women cannot wonder “How can I look younger?” This doesn’t mean you are vain, or trying to grasp onto youth. You simply want your outer appearance to reflect that inner glow and spunk you feel, right? We know that as ...
  • How to Look Younger without Looking Foolish

    When it comes to how to look younger, there is a right way to do it, and a wrong way. When you get it right, you come off as confident, vibrant and sexy. When you don’t get it right you have people snickering as you pass by. The first thing many people do when they ...
  • Look Younger with Homemade Facials

    There is nothing like the soft, silky feeling of your skin after you’ve had a facial. Treating your face to a special blend of various natural ingredients can help to exfoliate, put vital nutrients back into your skin, give a deep cleaning and just make you look younger with a healthy glow. Some of the ...
  • What Are Phytoceramides Made Of

    One of the biggest aging concerns in people today, especially women, is how their skin reacts to the process of aging. People who get too much sun or have poor skin health tend to look older than they really are. Store bought creams were the answer at one time, but they could only provide moisture ...
  • How to Look Younger When You Are Over 50

    What can you do when you wake up to discover you are 50 years old? Where has all the time gone and who is that old person looking back at you in the mirror? When the reality sets in that you could…or should have…started taking care of yourself a little bit better much earlier than ...