• Are There Certain Foods That Can Burn Calories

    Did you know it takes 25 calories for your body to digest 100 calories worth of protein? In fact, your body uses calories every time it has to digest something, and that has led nutritionists to some great discoveries. While it takes fewer (about 15) calories to process the same number of fat or carb ...
  • eat after workout

    After a vigorous workout session, your body screams for nourishment, especially in cases where there were deficiencies or no supplies. Some may or may not know that the best time to consume food is right after exercising. During that time you have the ability to restore your system to its full level of operation. Now ...
  • foods that can prevent cancer

    While some people develop cancer because of their genetic predisposition for the disease, a good percentage of cancers are indirectly caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Lack of exercise, smoking, and eating a poor diet can increase the risk of developing cancer even if one does not have a family history of it. If you want ...