• Assisted Living for Elderly or Aging in Place Co-ops

    In an earlier article, we discussed the traits of complex ADL’s and the importance of determining the function of these tasks in the elderly. When the ability to perform these tasks on a daily basis begins to slip, then it may be time to consider assisted living for elderly. However, there is another option that ...
  • Assisted Living for Elderly

    There are basically two scenarios for a person entering assisted living for elderly. One is when they move to the facility from their own home. The other is when they are being discharged from a nursing home as their condition improves however, are not well enough to go home so they enter assisted living facility ...
  • Care for the Elderly

    When you care for the elderly, there are several common medical conditions that arise in an aging body. By no means do all older people experience these conditions. Overall health, lifetime choices, genes, and maybe a little luck will determine if an elderly person will experience any of these challenges. As with most things, prevention ...