• 5 Seeds That Are Superfoods

    While the term “super foods” is thrown around quite frequently, many people are still unsure which foods fall into the super category; especially when it comes to nuts and seeds. Seeds come with numerous great health benefits, but some are definitely considered healthier than others. If you’re looking to add seeds to your daily diet ...
  • 5 Superfoods to Eat on a Mediterranean Diet

    The Mediterranean diet is well-known for its impressive health benefits. However, did you know you can boost the benefits of this great diet by adding numerous super foods? Here, you’ll discover 5 superfoods to eat on a Mediterranean diet to achieve best results. Oily fish First up, you’ll notice a large part of a Mediterranean ...
  • Superfoods for Runner

    If you’re looking to get the most out of running, you may want to start adding super foods to your diet. Known for the exceptional health benefits, there’s a lot of super foods that are known to be particularly beneficial to runners. Here, we’ll look at just 5 of them and how they can help. ...
  • Benefits of Super Foods

    You’ve probably heard the term “super foods” quite a lot in recent years, but do you know why they’re often recommended? What makes super foods better than others and what benefits can you expect if you add them to your diet? Find out below… Weight loss benefits One of the main benefits which first attracts ...
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    When you’re trying to give your health a boost, super foods are often recommended. So, what exactly are super foods and why are they considered superior to other foods? Here you’ll discover 5 reasons why super foods are important. They’re great at fighting inflammation Did you know that you could be suffering from low level ...
  • Top 5 Superfood Products & Resources for Optimal Health

    Superfoods are a great way to boost your health, lose weight and feel better than you ever have. However, it can be really hard (and expensive) to ensure you’re getting the right amount in your daily diet. The good news is, there are plenty of resources and products out there to make it easy to ...
  • The Best Super Foods to Add to a Smoothie

    When drunk in moderation, smoothies are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Packed full of heart-healthy ingredients, there’s literally hundreds of different smoothie recipes you can create. If you want to gain maximum benefits from adding smoothies to your daily diet, there’s a few “super food” ingredients you’ll want to add. To give you ...